Western University, Faculty of Education

Forming strategic partnerships with organizations to advance First Nations’ education goals is a common vision of the eight communities of the Collective which includes research institutions like universities.

Western University, Faculty of Education leads the First Nations Community of Inquiry & Praxis (FNCIP) initiative on behalf of the FNWSC under the direction of Brent Debassige, Associate Professor. The FNCIP planning team is made up of post-graduate scholars, M.Ed students, PHD students and the Structural Readiness Coordinator, Leslee White-Eye.

The First Nations Community of Inquiry & Praxis (FNCIP) is a group of Indigenous scholars invited to discuss various topics of inquiry of the First Nations with Schools Collective (FNWSC) via Zoom meetings. Scholars attend when their schedules allow. It is a voluntary discourse space that convenes meetings over 1 ½ hour time slots via Zoom. Invitations with guiding question(s) are provided in advance of the meeting.

Western University, Faculty of Education has been a key partner of the FNWSC.

Corporate Sponsors

The FNWSC would like to thank VanCity for being our first corporate sponsor. We appreciate your interest in supporting First Nation student achievement and their learning systems.

Strategic Partnerships


The FNWSC is appreciative of those who share similar values and seek to be the change they wish in the world. We are excited about our new partnership with MakeWay to help make our program delivery work easier by providing much needed administration support to our fundraising efforts. MakeWay is a national leader in social change philanthropy. Please see MakeWay for more information on how to donate.

Government grants

The FNWSC would like to thank the Federal Government for the funding received through the Innovation in Education, Regional Education Agreements and Education Partnerships Program-Structural Readiness Grants for First Nations and First Nation affiliate organizations to build structural capacity in education.